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Important Notes

Rock Chips  &  Touch-Up Paint

If your vehicle has any existing rock chips before paint protection film (PPF) installation (and even if it does not), please acquire touch-up paint to bring to your appointment so that I can address any chips I come across in the prep process before the film is installed. This ensures your appointment will not be delayed.


I would prefer to touch up the chips myself since I know what they will ultimately look like under the film and feel I’m able to achieve the best end result in this way. I will do this free of charge in most cases.

Please note that in some instances, I will choose not to touch up extremely small spots if I believe this will make them appear more obvious underneath the film. Feel free to discuss any concerns you have with me upon scheduling or drop off.

Aftermarket Paint

If your vehicle has been painted–either recently or otherwise–please let me know! It is generally advised to wait at least 30 days for freshly painted areas to cure before paint protection film can be installed.  

Polishes and Ceramic Coatings

I do not recommend waxing, polishing, or ceramic coating your vehicle before the paint protection film goes on. These will all cause the paint to be more hydrophobic, making it harder for the application solutions to spread evenly. This can make installation more difficult, and time-consuming, and potentially affect the end result. 


Any light scratches and swirls that could be removed with polishing will be hidden by the film, and since most cars would likely require a light polishing when the film is eventually removed anyway, you do not need to waste clear coat or money on this step.

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