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Hayley Rogers

Owner & Installer 

12+ years experience

Proudly offering the entire lineup of XPEL protective films

to the Maryville, Knoxville, and surrounding areas in east Tennessee

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My Story

My passion for cars, work ethic, and exceptional attention to detail ultimately led to being given an opportunity to learn how to install paint protection film. In 2012, after essentially teaching myself the art of film and handling installs on a large volume of cars at a local dealership, I was sent to be factory trained and certified at the Xpel headquarters in San Antonio, TX. The advanced class I took there filled in many blanks for me, honed my skills, and fueled my ambition.

Throughout my career, I have installed paint protection film for several prominent local shops, including my own (Paint Protection of Knoxville). I gained a wide range of insight through these experiences, from how different shops operate to utilizing just about every worthwhile template software and film brand on the market. 

As a result of all my hard work over the past 12+ years, I’ve earned a reputation for superior quality, and take a great deal of pride in what I do. While I’ve worked on thousands of cars, I've been fortunate as well to work on hundreds many only dream about. But no matter the car--from daily drivers to work trucks to garage queens--ultimately, my goal has always been to put out the best work using the best products available on the market.

Why Choose Me

Professional Experience

No training certification can replace years of experience in the paint protection film field. I see a lot of shops tout “combined experience” or that their installers are “factory trained and certified.” Ultimately, paint protection film installation is an art form that takes years to perfect. The industry standard has come a long way, but many shops are still relatively new to offering paint protection film. When you come to me, I am the only installer, and you’ll never have to worry about someone learning how to install film on your car!

Personalized Experience

I don’t just offer paint protection film, I offer a personalized experience where you as a customer are able to work directly with me on coverage options, as well as any questions or concerns that may come up can be addressed by me personally, as opposed to dealing with a go-between.

& Expectations

It has always been a high priority of mine to properly set expectations for you, the customer. How long the job will take, what imperfections (such as existing rock chips) will look like underneath the film, what edges are able to be wrapped and which ones aren’t, what the warranty covers, etc. When you leave your car in my hands, you will have been fully informed on what to expect, and confident the job will be done as discussed.

No Pressure,
Full Transparency

Many people ask me how much paint protection film coverage they “should” get. I will not give you a one size fits all answer to this question. Each vehicle is different, and each budget is different. Some choose more coverage for the peace of mind, others just want to cover the basics. I am happy to offer my honest, professional opinion, though I tend to talk myself out of more work before I would ever upsell you anything that isn’t necessary. 

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